Things just are.

Do you get overwhelmed at the tasks ahead for a goal you want?

How about do you panic when something spontaneous changes your plans?

Do you hate needles?

Recognising that things just are what they are helps all of these. It makes them feel a lot lighter.

It's recognising that, this is the goal I want, and the work to get there is the work to get there. All I need to do is take it one step at a time. Whether it's easy or hard - that's a judgement. The steps themselves, just are what they are.

It's recognising that, it's ok if something spontaneously changes my plan, or my day, or my choice. It's simply a change, that's all. Just take it in my stride and work out the next new move. Reacting negatively to change is a learnt reaction; I can change that.

It's recognising that, a needle is just a needle, and I'm getting it probably for my own benefit. It's neither here nor there; it just is what it is.

It's recognising that a choice is just a choice.

A no is just a no.

A hurdle is just a hurdle.

Everything else, is a judgement.

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