The 97 Sticker Story

This is a true personal story, and was the first time I saw the power of the subconscious mind in action in my life. This was years before I knew anything about personal development too.

It was the beginning of my final year of school, and the motivational speaker Glen Gerreyn came and spoke to us. To say his presentation was a lasting impression on me is an understatement.

Glen spoke about dreaming big and inspired us to aim high during this important year, where we had the power to decide where we go. He spoke of this technique of sticking what you want in places around your life, to basically train your subconsciousness to see it IN your life, for real.

So I decided that I would do this for my final school grade.

In Australia this was at the time an ATAR score out of 100; the max you could ever get was 99.95.

I decided I wanted to get 97.

Now, I was a B-student at this point and doing all the ‘harder’ subjects; 97 was quite a bit beyond my reach. But even then I loved a challenge and for some reason this number was singing to me, so 97 it was.

With 9 months to go until the final exams, I printed a bunch of red ‘97’s in a little red circle, laminated them and stuck them everywhere: at my desk, on the piano, in front of me in the car where I usually sat, on the fridge, one in the shower (they were laminated remember)….I even found some glow in the dark stickers and stuck a 97 on the side of my bedside table that I could see in the dark in bed. Fortunately my family didn’t mind - but they were EVERYWHERE.

And so the year went.

Now, I didn’t just kick my feet up after that. I still worked and studied my arse off. I had schedules and routines and nothing else was taking priority. And come exam time, I even got a blood nose during my Physics exam, just in case I needed one more thing to shake me up.

But the red 97s were in the background always.

The day we got our results is one of those really clear memories; it was a warm Wednesday morning and I was sitting at the kitchen table with my laptop waiting for results to be released at 8am. Mum was standing by in the kitchen watching me over the bar, and friends were chatting excitedly on my social media accounts.

Opening those results I literally froze in disbelief seeing that, not only had I smashed 97, but I got 98.2. I had never felt such a positive shock in my life. I told mum and we just stared at each other, speechless.

This isn’t a boast about my score. There was just no real reason for me to get that high of a score. After a year of B grades, 97 wasn’t meant to happen, and I never even needed that high a number to get into uni. Literally, my maths teacher pulled me aside afterwards and had to check that I hadn’t cheated, because he was that surprised that I pulled a score like that.

It was purely a test of aiming for something and seeing it happen.

While I put in the hard work, I also trained my subconsciousness over the year to believe that it could happen. I know deep down that if I hadn’t stuck those 97s everywhere, I wouldn’t have believed it could’ve happened and therefore, it wouldn’t have.

This story is small but it was very powerful for me, because it made me realise just how powerful what you believe in is. It’s very hard to have evidence of how believing something can impact your life, but, here is my evidence that it works.

Thanks Glen.

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