A lot of goals require hard work, but what about sacrifices?

A sacrifice, by definition, is giving something up for something or someone else. It could mean giving up time, money, a job...any kind of desire that you have or have the chance to have. A common one - even today - is the sacrifice women make for their children, be it their body, their job, friendships, etc.

This is not to say sacrifices are either good or bad. Just another choice in the world.

But when you're IN the very period of sacrifice - say you sacrifice a year of your time in a job you don't like, in order to gain the right experience for some other end - it CAN be a constant doubt in your mind whether you've made the right choice.

Maybe you've sacrificed socialising with friends at night to study for a course.

Maybe you've sacrificed something for a partner.

Maybe you've sacrificed a chunk of money to try your hand at a business opportunity.

It's ok to doubt sacrifices. This is incredibly normal and human.

But how do you get through the doubts? And when does a sacrifice become too big to the point it's not worth it?

You ask yourself exactly that.

Define the point at which a sacrifice is too big that it's no longer worth the reward you'll supposedly get.

Listen to your gut.

No one said sacrifices were easy - after all, you are giving something up that you probably enjoyed - so hopefully you were expecting as much. But you also don't know what your experience is going to be like until you embark on that journey, and it is ok to change your mind halfway through.

If you decide the sacrifice is worth it and you just need help getting through the tough times, just take it one day at a time. Master this day, and then tomorrow, master that day. Do what you need today - be it talk to someone, breathe, or roll with the bumps. One day at a time, the sacrifice go, and the reward will come through.

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