Resting, and doing it properly.

As I write this, I'm at the gross peak of a cold. Problem is, I still have lots to do. Do I spend the time resting and recovering or do I force my way through my to-do list?

People underrate the value of resting.

Rest is like charging your batteries. We need to recharge them batteries else we'll run out of juice to keep going.

But it's not just that - it's the QUALITY of that recharging.

If you charge your phone whilst still using it and playing with it, it will take longer to charge. If you just leave your phone to charge on it's own - it will reach full battery faster.

We are the same.

If we rest fully, letting go of our responsibilities for a minute, having the people and systems in place to cope with you being out of action temporarily, we will recover quicker.

Setting that up when you're well is important, so when the time comes that you need to rest, you can.

But letting go of those responsibilities is also part of that. Raised primarily as carers even today, women struggle with this more. The ridiculous 'Man flu' didn't come about for no reason.

Let's be real: the world doesn't collapse when you don't do household chores for a day or two. Those emails? They can actually wait. And having a bit more faith in the people around you won't hurt; chances are, they can do what you do good enough.

Resting isn't a selfish act, it's a NEED.

There's a line where rest crosses over into excess, but when you're sick, or burnout, or tired, it's a Need. Just as your body needs food, you need rest.

Resting properly is part of being able to give your best self, to your goals, to others, and to yourself.

And on that note: between the pauses to wipe my nose, breathe, and unmuddle the brain fuzz, it's just taken me twice as long to write this blog post than all my previous posts. Listen to yourself Jules. I'm off to bed...

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