Living your Best Life.

‘Live your best life’ seems to have taken over pop culture in the last few years. But actually, did you know that Oprah started this phrase back in 2005? Go check her book out that goes by the same title.

I want to clear something up about this phrase.

It’s original intended meaning was deeper than how we typically see people living their ‘best life’ on social media. It was more along the lines of deepening your self awareness and growth, to the point you can fine tune your life to your talents and passions that are unique to you.

You think you’re going to hit that in your 20s?

To be fair, you could. But the point is, it’s not something you can reach and be like, yeah ok I’m done, I’m here. It is a CONSTANT STATE OF LIVING. Because you could reach that point where you’re happy, then something changes, you have to respond, and you learn something new about yourself all over again. There’s way too much time ahead of you to know when you’ve ever reached a point where you’ve learnt everything about yourself.

To make matters more interesting, you are always changing too. When you think you know something about yourself, something inside you goes and changes it.

The real ‘living your best life’ is an ongoing thing, FOREVER.

It’s not about the holidays you go on and the things you can afford. These are secondary.

It’s about a commitment to yourself.

To honour your mind, body and soul with good fuel.

To actively reflect and understand yourself, and tweak behaviours as you go.

To constantly be humble and open to learning more about you, the world around you, and the relationship between.

To commit to living your true best life now, is to reap rewards for decades to come. It can be incredibly subtle and invisible to everyone around you. And sometimes yes it can be captured in a picture.

But it’s a commitment.

Are you ready to commit to living your true best life?

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