Life Lessons so far at 28.

Every year I do a little reflection on my birthday, a fantastic check point for life in my opinion. Last year I turned 27 on the 27th, and always wanted to make 27 a great year. Little did I know, it would be the most life changing year I've ever lived thus far.

Here are 28 life lessons I've begun learning this year (no doubt they're ongoing lessons), some harder than others!

  1. Plan all you want Jules; it often doesn't go to plan. Roll with it.

  2. Breathing and practicing presence DOES help cut your overthinking. Thank you Calm App.

  3. Your life balance actually benefits when you're busier; you organise it better and cut out the crap.

  4. You really do love the piano. It's a great outlet for your mental health. Don't let it go again.

  5. Those around you don't need to understand you or what you're doing, in order for you to do it. People are on a need to know basis. And they don't.

  6. You don't need the approval of family. You can stand on your own feet.

  7. Whether you try to be liked or not, won't stop someone not liking you. So don't worry about it.

  8. Their opinions belong to them.

  9. Their expectations are not my problem.

  10. This year has been a challenge, and you made it through. Feck you've impressed me how strong you are.

  11. Choices are just choices, and everything else is a judgement of that choice. Now more than ever you understand that.

  12. It never ends up being as bad as thinking about it seems.

  13. The wisdom that comes out of your husband Luke is actually incredible.

  14. Marriage is work, and you and Luke work incredibly well together at it. Protect your little team.

  15. You've made some amazing friendships in the last few years, and some have also left your life. Protect the friendships you have, and let go of the others. People come and go in life; this is ok. Some friendships aren't meant to last.

  16. No one has to agree with your boundaries except you.

  17. You're getting so good at saying no.

  18. It's rarely ever personal.

  19. No one else is going to put you first; that's your job.

  20. You've proven to yourself that your gut and your instincts are correct enough times that you can have more confidence in them now. Own them.

  21. People really do seem to be more threatened by a smart woman who knows what she wants and means.

  22. If you have to let someone down in order to do what's right for you, do it; the alternative is letting yourself down. Not an option.

  23. Silence is very powerful.

  24. Keep working on working with that 'passion' of yours and managing it; you're getting better though.

  25. The past is the past; leave it there.

  26. You're getting better at knowing yourself, what you need, and listening to yourself. Be confident in that process.

  27. Everybody's winging it. You go and wing life too.

  28. Feel the feelings, but trust that time really does heal.

Happy birthday Jules, to the next 12 months x

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