Kicking Goals isn't always Pretty.

In the Instagrammable world that we live in, we see everyone’s highlight reels. We see the things people are happy putting out there in public, and usually, these are things that make us feel good. Or proud. Or happy.

We all know this theoretically, and yet it’s still hard to escape how good other people’s lives can look.

We see so-and-so from school buying their first home, or that colleague smashing through their career goals, and posting their celebrations.

And wish it was you.

Or maybe you get inspired, and start looking into doing it yourself. But then realise, it’s too bloody hard!!

The thing is, goal kicking isn’t as pretty as it can look from the outside.

It’s hard work.

It’s getting up an hour early so you can go to the gym.

It’s staying up after your ideal bedtime, once kids are asleep, to get an hour of work on your side hustle in, hoping that will kick off.

It’s putting yourself out there, time after time, rejection after rejection, hoping the next one will be a yes, we’ll stock your product.

It’s saying no, for the 4th time, to going out with your friends, so you can save money.

It’s tears, and arguments, both with yourself and your partner, whether it’s financially, emotionally, and physically worth it, after months, maybe years, of pushing through the same goal.

It’s redefining boundaries and shaking up the status quo, and dealing with the confrontation that results.

It’s dealing with backlash and maybe even abuse, if your goal is a politically charged one.

It’s probably also a lot of paperwork.

Talking about these things, and going through them, are quite different. It’s one thing to be strong enough to endure the hard work, but it’s another to know what to expect when you sign up to working on a goal.

Goals have their pretty parts, don’t get me wrong. They’re all the more pretty when you know what you’ve gone through to get to that point. But just know that behind all that pretty, CAN be some ugly hard work.

Talk to people who’ve done it before, and ask them, “What were the ugly parts?”

Get your expectations right, and if you’re still up to the task, then you’ve just upped your chance of success.

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