A New Chapter.

Sometimes life is clearly defined into neat little chapters by markers throughout: school years, a wedding, a new house.

For me recently it's been the move from the UK back to Australia.

This is not my first move but it has been a significant life marker. After over a year of lockdowns and isolations, it was the first real time Luke and I had to take a step back, reassess our priorities in life, and make a hard decision as a couple that would hugely change the direction of our lives.

As a result, I took a break to process the change because I knew I would mentally struggle with it. And that meant taking a step back from my business as well, which is, at its roots, a reflection of me and my environment. After several years running my own little coaching business, it appears that the business evolves at the same rate I do.

So, as I refamiliarise myself with my hometown, and am spending some time with my roots, I've reassessed the business' roots as well (this was also great timing having just finished the #100daycoachingproject - check it out on my Instagram page).

I'm going to be realigning my business with my values and modelling my ideal principles of life. I'm a slow person at heart and just can't keep up with the rate of 'latest trends', so I'm going back to basics, and restarting my original blog. I'm an author, I love writing, so that's where I'll stick.

I also feel that my location definitely influences how I run my business; a London business is very different to an Adelaide business.

The main reason I started Let's Get Your Life Together was to show that everyday women can do extraordinary things, and to make coaching and self-development more accessible. I would interview women doing their thing and show the reality of working hard to get ideas off the page. But I don't think the LGYLT name really captured that, so I've changed it to just that - Off The Page.

While I wanted to initially empower women, and in general attract mostly women being a woman myself, I'm formally taking the gender out of it. Gender equality is a discussion for all genders, and if those who have a privileged platform are wanting to use that for a good cause, I will be open for their coaching.

And the dots? Past Juliet seemed to know something that Present Juliet didn't know, when I got these dots as a tattoo. Initially there wasn't a heavy amount of meaning behind them, but they were in front of me the entire time, and have been the inspiration for the direction of my business now.

Dots in a line are about balance and equality. Life is not always in a line but overall, balance is important (and, as a side note, the organiser in me just LOVES the neatness). Life is too ALIVE for just black and white, so I've gone with colours. And all kinds of rainbows have long been a symbol for equality; for Pride, for gender, for race, and for our environment.

These are some of the key ideals I value in my life, that serve as a foundation to any idea I personally want to take off the page and into reality.

Client-Coach relationships tend to be based on good matches between said Client and Coach, so it is likely that if you're wanting me as your Coach, you probably value similar ideals to me.

This is why I'm excited to make my business a better reflection of me, and so starts a new chapter.

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