I love reading and always have. In a fast world I do love the slowness of reading a book. And the little feels of accomplishment when having finished one.

There's a lot of books out there, and it can be hard to tell what's worth reading. Below I've done my best to rate books I've read and describe them in a sentence, so you can glance over and choose your next read.

As I finish books I will keep updating this page - follow me on Instagram for news on additions here.

Business for Bohemians


Wonderfully bohemian, practical and slightly out of date on the social media front (but that's forgiven), this book is useful and easily digestible to anyone starting up their own business; a good reassurer for me but read it a bit late in my own journey.

The Art of Silence


An easy and simple read that looks pretty on the bookshelf, it gives a solid introduction and broad overview of the importance of good quality silence in one's life, in all interpretations of the word. 


How do we know we're doing it right?

If there was ever a book that was simultaneously a pleasant read whilst covering some serious thoughts in such concision and accuracy that I felt Sykes was in my head, this would be it.